Inside design projects for your home or your business

In Lola Glamor we create your personalized space. Whether for your home, your business, or the space you want, we create your project from scratch and make it a reality. Choose the shapes, measures, colors, and furniture of our catalog that you like the most, and you will have a space made to measure!

'Gypsies in the Court', Casa Decor 2016

Inspired by the time the building room from Lola Glamour we have created four large free-standing figures. A theatrical atmosphere depicting two Roma in the court of Philip II, the same in which intellectuals and artists, contemporary to Cervantes, seeking patronage and favors. A king, a queen, a gypsy and a gypsy, in the form of Russian nesting dolls. A constructive challenge for its complexity and artistic in design and detail.


Anabel Calvo is a famous interior decorator who used the furniture designs of Lola glamour for one of her numerous projects. In this case, she created the interiors of the Inmobiliaria Afidcasa’s offices in Las Rozas, Madrid (Spain). All these offices are done in gray, white and black tones seeking a complete harmony with an open space that follows just minimalism and simplicity.
As you know, we are able to adapt to do everything, independently of the trends and the customer’s request. Ask without doubting and with no obligation and open your business to a new target..

Blue Forest House in a tree

A project of great imagination, which allows us to show all our range of color and natural finishes, since projects are always in wooded areas surrounded by nature. The space we faced was cylindrical, so that the furniture were custom-made and had to have the oval rear.

Aravaca Apartment

In this project, in collaboration with the decorator Anabel Calvo, we raised the challenge to furnish an apartment of 40 m2 in Aravaca. Here is a sample result.

Evgenia Zhdanova Projects

The Russian interior designer Evgenia Zhdanova, uses many of our furniture to complete their projects. Get customize our customer-style furnishings fine and delicate way. Right on. In addition, one of the projects Evgenia with Lola Glamour, Elle was published in Russia. You can see it here.

Raquel Seijido

There are projects that when they are finished, they leave you a feeling of total satisfaction. This is the example of Rachel accessories shop Seijido in Viveiro, for which we make a complete and personalized project, with furniture, shelving ... The result was a spacious, clean and unique.

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