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A business has to sell, be functional and welcoming, but if it does not have a creative point, it becomes just another business. Our style helps you differentiate yourself and create magical spaces where magical things happen. These are some photos of bars, restaurants, hotels or shops that we have decorated, some of them from scratch, others on something already existing. In many of them we have also worked on the walls and ceilings, using the whole world of textures that run through the furniture in our catalogue.

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From the reception, to the bar or the rooms, every corner of this boutique hotel breathes Lola glamor magic. Meticulously selected pieces of furniture. Paneling and decoration on the walls that provide elegance and comfort. A contained color range but with daring touches and a million details that never cease to surprise. A 100% customized project that had the challenge of dividing a single space into environments, managing to have a reception, restaurant, bar and relaxation area together, but differentiated. And bedrooms with storybook beds and tables for trips that will not be forgotten.

The El Kiosco bar is one of our most beloved projects because it has meant recovering an abandoned space in an emblematic place in the city, becoming the trendy bar where everyone wants to be. Bar with a zig-zag mirror, a bar full of details and color, coverings on ceilings and walls, lamps and very special furniture. A whole concept that makes you enjoy the light and nature of the park from within.

We transform this candy store into a world where robots and fantasy meet. With vibrant colors and whimsical shapes, we create an environment where candy and imagination merge, inviting little ones to live sweet memories. From the moment you walk through the door, you’re greeted by friendly robots with carved smiles. The furniture and pieces that decorate the store, meticulously selected, recreate the atmosphere of the world of Alice in Wonderland, where children can let their imagination fly.

In this ice cream shop of plants from Sao Paulo, Brazil, we created a high-gloss white display with voluminous textures that contrast with a range of independent modules where the color reigns. An architectural spirit of suma with unexpected elements in the decoration of doors and doors. The world of Alicia in the Land of Wonders also runs along its walls and technologies and allows you to live a wonderful experience of pleasure.

At Pantera Club we have translated the spirit of a cabaret to make karaoke nights a magical party. Wood clothing on all walls and walls, with large red curtains. A scenario to feel like an artist for a day and all the glamor of English greenery combined with creams and natural Madeira. Sofas, lamps, tables, chairs and tables designed with ease to offer comfort and elegance in equal parts.

With an artistic approach, we have transformed an optical store into a welcoming and vibrant space, adorning eyeglass drawers and shelves with colorful patterns that add a sense of warmth and unique style, fusing functionality with artistic expression in every detail.

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