Sinfonier Yeong-Gam Outlet

Art. 0150

Length: 90 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 150 cm

When we traveled to Seoul to visit our distributor in the country, they asked us a lot of questions because they wanted to understand where the inspiration came from to create our furniture. And we talk about color, light, architecture and painters, fashion..., about everything that differentiates us as Europeans and above all as Mediterraneans.
They also asked us what we thought their culture could inspire us for the next designs and we took it on as a challenge that today comes from the hand of two pieces that drink from their traditional constructions and their peculiar roofs, which are icons of the Asian continent.
Balanced doors and drawers that breathe subtlety and fragility to which we have incorporated the circle as an obsession in a nod to the artist Yayoi Kusama. The curve, the harmony, the design, the unexpected, the enigma of the fragile, the privilege of owning something beautiful and exclusive. Values that we share and love.

Original price was: 5,554€.Current price is: 2,777€.

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Infinitas posibilidades: elija entre diferentes acabados y juegue con las dimensiones y las características interiores.

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Todo se fabrica a medida y solo tienes que escribir un mail a detallando los cambios que necesitas para que enviemos el diseño y su precio.


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