aparador manhattan 5 puertas y 1 cajon

Manhattan sideboard outlet

Art. 0061.A

Length: 230 cm
Width: 50 cm
Height: 150 cm

This composition is the first installment of the "CITIES TO DREAM" series. Our challenge is to reproduce the soul of big cities on the doors and drawers of the Tetris model. It's curling the curl, we know that. And we love it. Our first choice was New York because its image predates the Big Apple itself. It is enough to remember so many films in which he becomes a character with his own entity, to recognize his silhouette even without having traveled there. As if it were a model, composition, work and harmony, added to hundreds of details and materials, make this piece of furniture a place to dream.

Ficha tecnica Art. 0061.A



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