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Discover what we can do for your establishment. Lola Glamor is a different way of understanding furniture and decoration. A consolidated brand in the market that has all the productive capacities necessary to execute interior design projects or clients.

We offer original and quality solutions for all kind of spaces, capable to adapt in any requirement.


Lola glamour projects

Ferretería Alberto, Soria

Alberto hardware store decided to move and they only had 6 weeks to reform the premises. It was a challenge because they gave us a short time and a great responsability because they let us to do it at our discretion. Respecting the functionality they needed, we included unique elements and a lot of color. The result is a large and energetic space that offers a different shopping experience to its customers. And where they feel really happy working.

Instagram: @ferreteria_alberto

Hotel 987 Prague, Praga

Hotel 987 Prague, in the historical center of Prague, decided to renovate its rooms and we designed functional, light but highly decorative pieces of furniture for them. The idea was to maintain the spaciousness and that the open closet and the bathroom were integrated into the room.

Instagram: @987_prague

Óptica Lohade, Aranjuez

Custom furniture for this fantastic optic, designed to be able to store, order and expose in an original way. A millimeter work where the client chose even the smallest details. We feel very proud of it.

Instagram: @lohade.optica

Feria Hospitality Innovation Planet, Madrid

Lola glamour’s stand at the HIP fair where we Project a complete hotel room. Tell us how many stars you want **** and we will give you a charm space much more competitive.

Instagram: @expohip

Bar El Kiosco, Soria

A charming bar in a unique location in Soria. Lola glamor on all four sides. Completely made from scratch, made to measure, from walls to ceilings to bars, shelves, upholstery, furniture or lighting. A place to let yourself bewitched.

Instagram: @elkioscodesoria

Gelato Boutique Ice Cream Shop I, Sao Paulo

Marcia Garbin is one of the most renowned ice cream makers in Brazil. Formed in Europe, she was looking for a wonderland space where children and adults could enjoy their ice creams through a global experience. When he met us there was no doubt that we had to do it. We went to Brazil, we measured the space, we drew it and here you have it. It never ceases to impress us what we achieve.

Instagram: @gelatoboutique

Gelato Boutique Ice Cream Shop II, Sao Paulo

Marcia called us again… She was opening a Gelato Boutique corner inside a cool Mall. A diferente concept and space with wich we also dared. If a business don´t grow die.

Casa Decor, Madrid

We chose the only room in the building that does not allowed intervention, as it was a space protected by Heritage. A dressing room inside the palace house at Atocha, 34.

The same space inspired us to create four great exempt figures. A theatrical atmosphere that represents two gipsies in the court of Felipe II, the same one in which the intellectuals and artists, contemporaries of Cervantes, went in search of protection and favors.

A king, a queen, a bullfighter and a flamenca, in the form of Russian dolls. A constructive challenge full of details, which represents our brand perfectly and which earned us the DESIGN AWARD in 2016 edition.

Instagram: @casadecoroficial

Bakery El Otro Costal, Logroño

Hotel Villanazules, Toledo

In Almonacid, Toledo, the strength of a family made possible to expand it the high-level horse riding business that they managed with a hotel, spa and restaurant within a unique environment. We join their illusion and furnish the rooms and common spaces with unique and different pieces. One of our first projects, which despite the passing of the years, is still in force today.

Instagram: @villanazules

Hotel El Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo

The old country houses of the Toledo bourgeoisie enjoy the best views of the city. The Cigarral de las Mercedes turned an impressive estate into a wedding and event space with a hotel. We custom-made many pieces for them, which together with their exquisite interior design, managed to enhance the project.

Instagram: @cigarraldelasmercedes

El Fogón del Salvador Restaurant, Soria

This grill restaurant in Soria changed management after 30 years. And the new owners wanted to update and give their spaces much more functionality. We proveide more light through on-site White lacquer and incorpórate unique design furniture for a traditional business adapted to the times.

Instragram: @fogondelsalvador

Cinderella clothing store, Almazán

This women's clothing store is a comprehensive interior design and decoration project. From an empty space, we transformed it in the purest Lola Glamour style. From the floor to the ceiling and each of its walls. All beauty and storage with a wealth of materials and finishes. Details for every corner.

Devotta and Lomba fashion show, Madrid Fashion Week

Fashion designer Modesto Lomba designed the Totem collection with us and we built for him the setting for his show at Madrid Fashion Week. A wall 8 meters by 5 meters high, from which they emerge chest of drawers and cabinets, creating a play of light and shadow accentuated by the textures of the wood. Everything in the same pure white of its new collection.

Instagram: @devotaylomba

Think Europe congress, Soria

Authorities from different countries of the world participated in this congress where the role of intermediate cities as a vital link between rural and urban areas was debated. The Soria City Council commissioned us to set the scene to accentuate values such as capacity, quality and differentiation.

Instagram: @ayuntamientodesoria

Pablo Ruiz clothing store, Soria

Pablo Ruiz moved and looked for a singular space where its customers feel differents. Our challenge was to reach the capacity he needed in such a limit space. We take advantage of every corner and manufacture the furniture using a lot of mirror. A magical small shop and full of suprising details.

Instragram: @perfumeriaruiz

Accessories store Raquel Seijido, Lugo

Raquel paid an interior designer Project and phoned us to produce it. The result is a black and white space. Elegant, spacious and highly functional.

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