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In Wonderland

We have the pleasure to show you our design works of the last months and we wanted to title this catalog “In Wonderland” because it sums up very well the world of fantasy and color that inspires and nourishes us. Matrioskas in the court of Felipe the Second, families of robots, fairy castles, cities and trips in the form of furniture, letters that are tables and furniture that are great secrets. And much more ... A complete series of delicious modules that, in the form of drawers and doors, opens a world of decorative possibilities from the simplest to the most complicated. We like the mixture, the textures, the volumes, the color, the baroque, the unexpected and what has a soul of its own. We dream of what does not exist and doing something different, for the different people. 

This catalog is the extension of the previous one and the sum of both defines very well who we are and where we want to go. And none of this would be possible without the group of people who work alongside us and who contribute with their dedication and commitment to the client’s demands and our own.

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Lola Glamour Catalogue

Lola glamour is a Spanish company dedicated to artisanal furniture manufacture since 1995. This business was born in tradition, as Almazán region  (Soria) is bond to furniture manufacture, and has always counted on experienced, professional artisans who bet on a new, innovative company with  original design concepts. 

Lola Glamour is currently run by siblings Félix and Désirée, who have designed all the pieces belonging to their brand. Their career is inherently bond to the company’s path since its establishment, 24 years ago. This fact grants them access to valuable information about the market and its agents. They have a very clear vision of what they want to accomplish and how they want to do it.

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Finishes and colors

The furniture finishes by Lola Glamor
The finishing process of the Lola glamor furniture is long, complex and strictly handmade. The result is an obvious difference, which is seen and touched, and which lasts over time. Each person who participates in this process contributes to the aesthetic sense of the furniture and successively contributes part of their identity

Finishing process of Lola glamour furniture

We perform a process of aging of the surfaces in order to bring more personality to the product.

For the natural tones in the furniture, after aging, a thorough sanding process is carried out, application of dyes and backgrounds, and a new sanding resulting in the body and smoothness necessary for the patina and equalized works. In this case you can always see the grain of the wood used.

For lacquers, after the background sanding, the lacquer of the desired color is applied and the patinas are worked on. Each applied product is born of a certain mixture from which a color or effect results.

The finishing varnish seals and protects the furniture. Each type offers a certain level of GLOSS, providing different brightness scales. Previously the furniture has been brushed to enhance its craft essence.

We continuously experiment with new techniques and tones. The finishes of Lola glamor are always evolving. In the same way, we can make all the changes that the client needs to adapt them to their specific projects.

Customize your furniture.

Laca color Aguamarina

Laca color azul Prusia

Laca Gris Dorado

Laca color Índigo

Pátina de color negro

Laca color verde manzana

Laca color verde oliva

Laca color verde militar

Color Marfil sin pátina

Efecto Blanco Craquelado

Color Beige Patina

Color Marfil

Color Blanco alto brillo

Laca color perla

Laca color topo

Laca color café

Plata desconchada

Plata con patina

Laca color oro

Laca color rojo

Laca color rosa palo

Color Pardo

Pardo velado a plata

Color Camel

Color Sand

Color Purpura

Color Lila

Color Marino

Color Sand

Color Turquesa

Color Limon

Color Pistacho

Color Sand

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