Conditions of Sale of the Lola Glamor Outlet

Lola glamor is always in motion and its natural evolution in its designs makes the old go with the new. Through this space we offer furniture still available in our warehouse, hundreds of discontinued items at a great price. Also part of this section are prototypes that did not go on the market. Valid 100% but that were waiting for a decision that never came. In this case we can guarantee that they are unique pieces Lola glamor. Exclusively yours. In some cases the furniture is finished as seen in the photograph and many others the furniture is available in raw, that is, waiting for a decision regarding colors and fittings. The result will always be a piece of furniture in perfect condition, without any damage.

The furniture is perfectly packed with bubble paper, corners and double cardboard box. It is transported on top of a pallet, which facilitates its handling and guarantees its integrity. However, the furniture travels with insurance that covers any type of transport incident. If you see any damage in the packaging, it is essential to indicate it on the delivery note and inform us within 24 hours of receipt. The delivery is made only at street level, that is to say, the transport company does not upload it to your home or unpack it. They are responsible for notifying you in sufficient time so that you can manage the collection.

Spain: € 80 / m3. Minimum 1 m3

European countries: € 160 / m3. Minimum 1 m3

Transportation in the rest of the world: Low budget.

You also have the option of picking it up directly from our warehouses in Almazán, at no cost, or requesting delivery and assembly at your home, on a budget.

SPAIN: 20 days.
EUROPE: 25 days.
REST: consult.

Bank transfer of 100% at the time of order confirmation.


1. Write us an email to or call us by phone at +34 975 318 042 indicating the furniture you are interested in and consult any type of doubt about dimensions, finishes, form of assembly, payment or transport.

2. Once everything is clear, we need your full name, ID, delivery address, email and phone number.

3. We will send an order to your mail for confirmation with 100% of the payment.

4. Once the payment is received, the furniture is varnished or reviewed, it is packed and the shipment is managed with the transport company.

5. After the estimated deadline, we will call you to ensure your satisfaction.