Lola Glamour furniture finishing

The finishing process for Lola Glamour furniture is long, complex and strictly artisanal. The outcome speaks for itself, it is something that can be seen and touched, and stands the test of time. Every person who takes part in this process contributes to the aesthetics of the piece and shares a part of their own identity.

Box containing the shades for Lola Glamour’s furniture finishes.

We apply distressing techniques to the pieces’ surfaces in order to give the product our personality.
After the distressing porcess, and in order to get natural shades for the pieces of furniture, we complete a thorough process that consists of sanding, applying dye and primer and sanding again. The goal in this process is to achieve the smoothness necessary for the patina finishing.  In this case, the grain of the used wood is conspicuous. 
To apply the lacquer, we first sealer sand the piece. Then the lacquer in the desired colour is applied and we work on the patina. Each applied product comes from a specific mixture that results in a color or effect.
The varnish seals and protects the piece. Each type offers a different GLOSS, with different scales of brightness. The piece has been previously dry brushed to emphasize its artisanal essence.
We are constantly experimenting with new techniques and shades. Lola Glamour finishes are in permanent evolution.  Similarly, we can make any changes required by our customers to adapt them to specific projects.

Choose between these colours to customize your pieces of furniture:


Laca color Aguamarina
Laca color azul Prusia
Laca Gris Dorado
Laca color Índigo
Laca color carbón
Pátina de color negro
Laca color verde manzana
Laca color verde oliva
Laca color verde militar
Color Blanco Opaco
Efecto Blanco Craquelado
Color Beige Patina
Color Beige Desconchado
Color Marfil
Laca color perla
Laca color topo
Laca color café
Plata desconchada
Plata con patina
Laca color oro
Laca color rojo
Color Pardo
Laca color rosa palo
Pardo velado a plata
Color Camel
Color Sand

*The finishes PAN DE ORO, PAN DE PLATA and BLANCO ALTO BRILLO increase the prices. This will be budgeted depending on the surface to be applied.